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It’s a loaded question, but here we will try to make it a bit clearer the difference in size and quality.


  • What is the difference in your Flow and Pressure requirements?

First of all, know your machine's requirements. This is essentially “what is my pump's capabilities?”.

Your pump’s liters per minute (lpm) and maximum pressure (psi) will determine what size of jetting hose you require for your unit to work at its maximum potential.

So, what is flow? Well, flow is defined as the steady flow or stream of your substance, for us, its water. How much water is your pump pushing out to the end of your hose. The more flow you have, the larger the hose diameter you should use.

  • For example, a unit pumping 31lpm will require a larger hose size than a unit only pumping 21lpm or 15lpm.

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So, how does that work with your pressure? Well, your pump will also have its maximum pressure which is the force at which your water is being pumped to exit your hose.

This means as well as having the correct size hose for your flow you also need to consider that too large a hose or too small a hose diameter will over or under pressurize your water output.

Your feed hose is ½” to ¾’ depending on your setup. This water doesn’t need to be pressurized as it's only moving the water to your inlet/ catcher tank. Therefore, flow is our main concern, hence why we use larger diameter hoses. The water from there will go through the pump, which when running optimally will produce a set and continuous flow and pressure.

Your Jetting hose will need to not only let the right flow of water through but also not be too large otherwise your water won’t maintain its pressure.

It’s just science really!

  • Do You want a flexible hose or something durable and hard-wearing?

Why not both?

Don’t believe it's possible? Read on!

The flexibility of jetting hose is crucial. It determines whether you can maneuver and manipulate the hose down the drain through bends, gullies & junctions.

Whereas your durability of the hose will determine how many times you cut, re-swage, lose meters of your hose and not be able to finish the job.

We have found that thermoplastic hosing is ideal for jetting work. They have strong outer coatings to combat tearing and bursting and a super flexible inner core that makes jetting a breeze.

  • Does the hose meet the Australian Standards?

Australia has a number of standards and safety requirements that jetting hose should meet. Before Purchasing any hose it's vital to check the product against the standards.

The standards are long-winded and no busy plumber has the time or inclination to read them.

So, let me be real quick and break it down for you!

Firstly, your hose needs to be performance tested against the standards which are based on the European Standard EN 13618-1.

Secondly, your hose needs to be flexible or semi-flexible and MUST have a higher pressure rating than the max pressure your unit outputs.

Thirdly, manufacturers and suppliers need to evaluate and market the hose to its suitable environment.

New hose brands are always coming out to the market and some of them do not always comply with Australian standards.

You can call or email any professional at Assassin Jetters to ensure you are purchasing a hose that complies and is suitable for use.

  • How much should I spend on a new hose?

When investing in a new hose you may think “Is this just a sales pitch or should I just shop around for something cheaper?”

Nope, it's not just a pitch, well here at Assassin it's not…. You can go online or get it quoted cheaper elsewhere, however; Buying hose that isn’t right for your unit, doesn’t meet standards, hasn’t been tested, or has no real warranty - Is like buying non-flexible flights and accommodation to another state or country during the COVID pandemic…. It’s a total gamble!

Some people like the thrill of gambling, however, not when it comes to your business or the safety of yourself and others, It’s just not worth it.

So, how much should you spend? What I will say is that Quality and Premium jetting hose that will not tear or burst, is flexible and long-lasting may not seem cheap at first, but when bursts and cuts let you downtime and time again the money you spend off the job because you couldn’t complete it, re-terminating and re-swaging and buying new hose because it didn’t last you long at all, well you could’ve saved yourself the headache, trouble and a lot of money $$.

We at Assassin supply premium jetting hoses at three varying price points to accommodate any budget.

All are rated to the same psi, all made of thermoplastic hose, and not only comply with the Australian standards BUT we also test each and every hose that comes through our business. They are pressure tested, certified and serial numbers of hoses recorded. Go on to read about our trusted hose selection.



We love our Armadillo jetting hose. We consider your hose an investment.  We take pride in knowing what we sell is premium quality and our customer is satisfied.

Armadillo Blackflex Hose

This is our budget hose. By all means, don’t take the word out of context. Its price point is lower than the others however the quality is still the same the inner core is flexible and the outer core is strong. Has a working pressure of 5100psi and comes in sizes 3/16” and ¼”.

Armadillo Redflex Hose

Our everyday all-rounder. The hose is very well-loved. It’s the medium price point. Long-lasting tough outer coating and strong flexible inner core. Has a working pressure of 5100psi and comes in all sizes from 1/8" up to 1/2".

Armadillo Platinum Hose

We recommended this hose to all our customers as we believe it is the best hose money can buy. The Armadillo Platinum hose has become our most popular hose since its release in 2016. It’s a higher price point but that’s not why its suggested. We suggest it simply because it is the perfect investment for your plumbing business due to its overall reliability. It has the hardest outer cover money can buy for jetting hose, in other terms super durable. The Armadillo Platinum hose has a working pressure of 5100psi and comes in all sizes from 1/8" up to 1/2".

Armadillo Track N Trace

This Hose is one of our most unique pieces of equipment as it has twin copper wires running through it allowing you to send a frequency through the hose meaning you can track its position when the hose is underground. The Armadillo Track N Trace has a working pressure of 5100psi and comes in one size only, 3/16".