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Water Jetters

Water Jetters

Which Jetter is Right for You?

At Assassin Jetters, we only use premium components to design, manufacture, and install Water Jetters for Plumbers and Drain Technicians. Our Jetters are the product of decades of innovation. 

Portable  - All the reliability and features you expect from a jetter in a compact and portable unit.

Skid  - Mounted on a frame, configured for your preferences and bolted to your vehicle.

Trailer  - Share your jetter with your crew and take it to a site when needed.

Turn-Key Solution - We work with you to provide the ultimate jetter vehicle built from scratch to suit your working style and built to our quality standards.

Custom - Total flexibility. Choose the components that suit your vehicle and requirements and collaborate with our engineers to configure your perfect jetter. 

The quoted prices for water jetters are approximate and should only be used as a guide. Please call the team at Assassin Jetters to discuss your jetter requirements. We will then tailor a quote to your needs and ensure you get the best possible jetting solution. Call now on 02 9674 9088.

All prices are GST-inclusive.

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