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Spare Parts

Spare Parts

Keep Your Jet Washers in Prime Condition with Essential Spare Parts! 

Maintain the peak performance of your equipment with our range of spare parts for jet washers. From the crucial pressure gauge to ensure precise measurements to a variety of hose connectors, including both male hose connectors and female hose connectors, for seamless integration.

Equip your setup with our quick-release hose fittings and clamps for fast and secure assembly. Don't overlook the details; a gauge saver can extend the life of your pressure gauges, and a high-pressure hose reel swivel can enhance the mobility and durability of your hose setup.

Monitor accurately using a water hose pressure gauge, and never compromise on connections with our female connector hose part. For those who value quality, our stauff ball valves are the reliable choice for controlled flow.

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