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Training Courses



If not, it might affect your company insurance to have an untrained operator using your Class-B water jetter!

This 2-day training course is $950.00 (ex GST) per attendee, with morning tea and lunch provided on each day.

Upcoming course dates are listed below, so get in touch and register today!
Don’t see any dates? Fill out the contact form below to register your interest in attending an upcoming date once confirmed. Should you have any questions regarding the training course, please call Assassin Jetters on (02) 9674 9088.

If you are serious about keeping your people safe and protecting your business should an accident happen… you need to get yourself and your people trained today.

Why is it in your best interest to train your drain-cleaning operators?
If your drain cleaning system is a ‘Class B’ high-pressure water jetting pump, you and your drain-cleaning operators need to be trained as per the Australian Standards.

Untrained operators may affect your company’s insurance policy!

The Australian/New Zealand Standards for “High-Pressure Water Jetting Systems” were released in 2013 in a bid to provide information that would assist in the prevention of fatalities and injuries being sustained by drain cleaning and HPWJ operators both here and in New Zealand.
The Australian Work Health and Safety (WHS) Act 2011 – Section 19 “Duty of Care” places the responsibility squarely on the employer, stating… “The person conducting a business or undertaking MUST ensure the provision of information, training, instruction or supervision that is necessary to protect all persons from risks to their health and safety from works carried out as part of their business or undertaking”.

The standards, both AS/NZS 4233.1-2013 High-pressure water jetting systems.
- Part 1: Safe Operation and Maintenance and AS/NZS 4233.2-2013
- Part 2: Construction and performance, in conjunction with the national qualifications MSMSS00005, operate a drain cleaning system are the documents referred to when looking to what is deemed appropriate training in drain cleaning and high-pressure water jetting systems in Australia.

The Australia/NZ Standard recommends training by a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) with a 1-day refresher training course undertaken by high-pressure water jetting and drain cleaning operators every two years.

Assassin Jetters provides a 2-day intensive RTO training course in “Drain Cleaning System Operation”, which covers…
• Basic pump operation and parts familiarisation
• Worksite risk and hazard prevention, personnel safety, work area exclusion zones and isolations
• Setting up and operating your drain cleaning system safely
• Following emergency response procedures
• Working in accordance with an issued permit (where onsite work requires a permit)
• Interpreting technical drawings (reading and interpreting asset maps)
• Working safely

Recipients of the training receive a National Qualification in the form of a Statement of Attainment verifying competency in Drain Cleaning operations.

Course Outline
• MSMWJ302 – Operate a drain cleaning system
• MSMWHS200 – Work safely
• MSMPER200 – Work in accordance with an issued permit
• MSMWHS110 – Follow emergency response procedures

A Brief Outline of Training
The ‘Operate a Drain Cleaning System Training Course’ covers training for personnel requiring more in-depth knowledge of drain cleaning operations, managing worksites, safe work practices and associated law, and emergency and rescue practices. This course provides a drain cleaning operator with the necessary knowledge to supervise a drain cleaning operation and be responsible for a crew of drain cleaning workers.

Who should attend this course?
This course is for plumbers, drain cleaners, drain cleaning equipment operators, industrial maintenance personnel who clean or intend to clean drains using class ‘B’ high-pressure water industrial drain cleaning equipment.

*Please note this is not a designated manager’s course; however, due to the dangerous nature of drain cleaning, the equipment knowledge, the worksite setup, the safe work practices, and emergency practices covered by this course provide the qualifications necessary to supervise a drain cleaning operation and it is recommended that managers attend with operators.

It consists of written activities with multiple-choice questions, a practical assessment covering the use of the equipment and a practical test in drain cleaning systems operation.

Important information
Due to the danger associated with Drain Cleaning, Mustang Nozzles highly recommends the nationally accredited skill set training MSMSS00005 Operate a drain cleaning system for operators (WORKERS) and persons responsible for the safe operation of equipment and personnel safety (SUPERVISORY).

• Photo ID
• USI Number*
• Long pants and long sleeve shirt
• Steel cap boots (required for practical training)
• Safety and Drain Cleaning course equipment are provided.

*RTO No. 91255 – Asset Training.
Please note: As of the 1st of January 2015, all persons in Australia enrolling in a VET course require a Unique Student Identifier (USI) number for the Australia Government Department of Industry. Without this number, Asset Training cannot provide you with a VET qualification or a VET statement of attainment. If you do not have a USI number, use the following government link to create your own USI number or contact Assassin Jetter, who can assist with obtaining your number.
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