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What sets Mustang nozzles apart from the rest?

Mustang nozzles stand out due to their commitment to quality, innovation, environmental consciousness, problem-solving, accessibility, and community support. The company, being composed of plumbers who understand the frustrations of their peers, has developed patented solutions to simplify and enhance the plumbing experience:

  • Mustang prioritizes quality by utilizing a unique cast and drawn heat-treated hardened stainless steel, ensuring a lifetime of reliable service.  
  • The company continually reinvests profits into research and development, consistently unveiling innovative products to address evolving needs.
  • Environmental responsibility is a core value at Mustang, as their nozzles are designed to conserve water while delivering effective cleaning results.
  • Mustang's solutions-oriented approach is exemplified by their invention of the "Silt Proof Quick Release coupling," a groundbreaking design that prevents the accumulation of sand and silt behind the sheath, making nozzle changes significantly easier for jetter operators.


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