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Jetting Hoses

Jetting Hoses

When you consider buying a new hose for your water jetter, several factors must be considered. 

What is your machine Flow and Pressure? 
Match your Jetter specifications with the correct hose size

Do you want a Flexible Hose or something hardwearing? 
Hoses are designed to be flexible enough to negotiate tight bends and traps and strong enough to resist tearing and bursting.

Does the hose meet the Australian Standards? 
Many new hoses on the market do not conform with the current Standards. Be careful what you buy! 

How much should I spend on a new hose? 
You get what you pay for. A Premium, long-lasting hose is not cheap, but it lasts much longer than inferior hoses and won't disappoint you.

We sell several hoses for different applications;

Armadillo Blackflex - This is our 'everyday' hose for most applications. It has a working pressure of 5100psi and comes in two sizes: 3/16" up to 1/4".

Armadillo Redflex -This is a good all-rounder and is priced well. You will get a longer wear life from this hose. It has a working pressure of 5100psi and comes in sizes from 1/8" up to 1/2".

Armadillo Platinum - This is the best hose money can buy and it has the hardest outer cover available. It has a working pressure of 5100psi and comes in all sizes from 3/16" up to 1/2".

Armadillo Track N Trace - This unique hose has twin copper wires running through it to allow the operator to send a frequency through the hose so it can be traced underground. It has a working pressure of 5100psi and comes in one size only, 3/16".

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